Ropes activities

Our specialised activities are designed with you to ensure your specific needs are met

Depending on the time you have available, or what you aim to achieve during your time with Exodus, you can choose between the extensive range of exciting and challenging activities we offer. We are able to do the following activities in North Sydney, Buccarumbi and North Brisbane.

Rock climbing

There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh air, the beating sun and rough rock under chalked hands! At Exodus we offer two types of guided rock climbing experiences: ½ day and full day courses. This can be anything from a beginners day of single pitch climbing to multi-pitch climbs.

Our 40m cliff overlooking the spectacular Boyd River will challenge your body and mental strength. We also use a number of other sites around NSW and QLD that are suitable for beginners and experienced climbers.

Rock climbing helps build muscle and will increase your heart rate, but it will also enhance problem solving skills, self confidence and trust.

Great for groups and individuals.


Abseiling is a thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled experience which sees you make a controlled decent off a vertical drop using a rope. Exodus offers ½ day and full day abseiling experiences.

Step off the edge of our 40m cliff and take in the beauty of the Boyd River. We also use a number of other sites across NSW and QLD that suit both the novice and experienced abseiler.

Abseiling enable groups and individuals to get close to nature, overcome fears, develop team building and leadership skills, and build confidence and trust.

Suitable for all ages.

High Ropes & Flying Fox

Put your fear of heights and fitness to the test! Using harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes, car tires, and wooden beams strung 20–50 feet up in the trees, the only way down is by flying fox. This is a day you will never forget!

High Ropes courses are great for personal growth, group cohesion, trust team building, communication, leadership, exploring risk taking, and fun.

Flying Foxes are ideal is facing fears, developing positive self-talk and enjoying the speed!

Al-Pine Tree Climb

Most of us have fond childhood memories of climbing trees; negotiating branches, sitting up high in the leafy canopy of a tree with our friends.

The Al-Pine Tree Climb is where you get to climb a 40 metre hoop-pine tree safely using the alpine climbing technique of where multiple climbers, equally spaced, tie onto a rope. Groups then have to navigate by climbing as high as they can as a team.

This is a fun activity suitable for all ages that develops team work, leadership skills, communication and trust.