Feel Confident
On The Water

Aqua Skills Survival (ASS) introduces safety and survival skills to students as preparation for pursuits in Outdoor Recreation and in any water based activity. Exodus encourages all schools that run activities in moving water to educate their students.

Experienced whitewater guides report “It is much easier to rescue a student who is not panicking and who has the capacity to assist them with their own recovery”

ASS teach students to read water! The course covers topics such as survival in moving water, self-rescue, aiding rescue, basic meteorology and barotraumas, first aid in survival situations, hypothermia, sunburn, use of Personal Floatation Devices, safety equipment, and the ‘buddy’ system.

Students are presented with real life scenarios through highly controlled activities which enable them to learn about high-risk open water environments; whilst feeling comfortable, safe and in control. The program offers a level of excitement that will be remembered well into adult life, ensuring lifelong learning.

With public liability insurance companies demanding tighter safety control of outdoor activities, an ASS course is essential pre-training for water based programs. Your safety is paramount and Exodus staff will always provide safety briefs at the beginning of any water based activity. Schools that are already educating students in ASS see it as an integral component to their water based programs. Safety briefs serve to reinforce the drills that are practised in the ASS.

Exodus offer two innovative ASS programs

1. Swift Water Survival – this program focuses on rapid moving water on rivers, best know as whitewater.
2. Open Water Survival – this program focuses on large bodies of water like oceans, lakes and dams.

ASS is suitable for students 10 years and over.  On completion of a program students will receive an Aqua Skills certificate.  For learning outcomes and program details please contact us.

Exodus will provide:

  • equipment – PFDs, helmets, rescue and survival gear
  • comprehensive instructional safety training
  • tents available for hire
  • catering available if required

What you need to bring:

  • hat
  • t-shirt or long sleeved shirt if you have sun sensitive skin
  • long swimming shorts to protect your legs
  • closed in shoes that can get wet
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle