Pursuit of
Lifelong Excellence

Exodus offers guided instruction and assessment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award component, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

The Duke of Ed Award is an internationally recognised youth development program providing opportunities for personal and social development.  We expect our Award Participants to:

  • strive to achieve their full potential
  • embark on a journey of self discovery
  • develop leadership, self-understanding, confidence, optimism and a commitment to personal achievement
  • extend their capacity and skills in, analysis, problem solving,communication, collaboration, organisation and teamwork
  • exercise judgment and accept responsibility for their actions

Our guides and instructors are qualified in outdoor recreation or industry equivalent.  Exodus offer adventure based programs for any young person aged 14 – 25 years of age.

Exodus stands by the philosophy of The Award in that it is

  • available to everyone
  • about experiencing, connecting and developing
  • not a competition
  • flexible
  • balanced
  • progressive
  • about personal achievement
  • a marathon, not a sprint
  • voluntary
  • fun